Thursday, May 17, 2007

HTTP compression/deflate

Currently there are two implementation in http compression which are on Web server and also proxy server (web cache/cache engine). One of example of web server using http compression is, proven it's very fast (beside it's also simple:-). For Indonesia, also have implement http compression/deflate but many other famous website still didn't implement it. You can check wether the website implement http compression or not by using this tool

Just put the URL on the left side empty field.
I've configured apache using mod deflate. The text file size below is 5.1 MB

When you download it, you will only consume 1.1 MB of bandwidth (didn't count the outgoing traffic). It's 4 time faster than without compression!

For proxy server implementation, it will reduce your internet bandwidth usage if you are an ISP/enterprise. Other than caching the content, proxy server will also compress the uncompressed data, and send it to its client. Squild will release the official feature of gzip content encoding on version 3.1.

Other than advantage of using http compression, you also need to know the compression will depend on type of data. If it's text or html files, it can compress up to 80% . But if it's an image, sometime compression file is higher than the original file. Most content of the website are image, movie, flash which are compressed already.

Friday, May 11, 2007

CALEA and intercept internet traffic in Indonesia

I've just read about CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) issue in nanog mailing-list. Basically ISP must have capability to intercept internet traffic/voip of their customers. More information can be read in :

Related with CALEA, probably you ever heard about this rumor before. This rumor I have heard about one year ago, the source is Singaporean. If you're using Indonesia ISP and the ISP is using Singapore ISP/telco as an upstream (you know who), and if there is any suspicious word like bomb/jihad, your data will be sent to the US. This should related as many Indonesian terorist activity using Internet as a main communication.
It's a rumor, don't know it's true or hoax :-)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What's wrong with Telkom BGP

Every week I always receive BGP update report from And always see telkomnet ASN always listed there as Top 20 unstable origin AS. But this weeks is Telkomnet is listed as number ONE. I think, Telkom as a biggest telco in Indonesia should notice about this. This will give bad impression to Telkom. Anyone know why it can happen ? These are the possibilities :
- Saturated upstream connection. As the upstream have congestion, BGP connection will be affected
- Unstable link connection from Indonesia to Singapore.
- Link problem between iBGP routers

Limelight Networks

Limelight Network is US based company that deliver rich media content like video, music, game and download. They are one of Akamai competitor.
The way it works is different with Akamai. Where Akamai put servers on more than 1000 ISPs, Limelight Networks does peering with ISPs. It's similar like Yahoo/Google/Microsoft peering.
Currently Limelight Networks already has more than 700 clients. Few of its big customers are MySpace,, Foxnews and Xbox.
If you're an ISP/NAP, they open peering in Hong Kong and Japan for Asia, and for US & Europe they open in major cities.