Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Limelight Networks

Limelight Network is US based company that deliver rich media content like video, music, game and download. They are one of Akamai competitor.
The way it works is different with Akamai. Where Akamai put servers on more than 1000 ISPs, Limelight Networks does peering with ISPs. It's similar like Yahoo/Google/Microsoft peering.
Currently Limelight Networks already has more than 700 clients. Few of its big customers are MySpace,, Foxnews and Xbox.
If you're an ISP/NAP, they open peering in Hong Kong and Japan for Asia, and for US & Europe they open in major cities.


IndraPr said...

Katanya ada yang baru ultah? :) Met ultah, ditunggu makan-makannya. :) :)

Ibrahim / Ibam said...

Waduh tega, masa' harus kirim makanan pake fedex :-)

Jason said...

Akamai does peering as well. The concept of traffic delivery is the same for all CDN's: while it can be done either paying for transit from ISP's or whether its from free peering relationships, the goal is to deliver the traffic to the end user from the closest and most favorable location.

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