Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Seven Habits of Successful Networkers

You guys should familiar with 7 habits's Stephen Covey which inspiring many people on earth. I just found the PDF file from cisco networkers 2005 presented by Accenture with the title "The Seven Habits of Successful Networkers".

• Be Proactive
It's similar with 7 habits's Stephen Covey, networkers should prepare to react on the new big technology.

• Be Bold
It is not time for timid thinking and Do you have the right partners?

• Be an Effective Businessman
Run a network like businessman and align with business strategy

• Learn from Others
Be aware of what is essential now and what is next

• Communicate Your Plan
Network can be like electricity, executives only hear about it when it is not working

• Challenge Your Thinking
The path to successful project delivery is not always straight

• Execute Ruthlessly
The path to successful network delivery is merciless


nurul rahmah said...

kayaknya sekarang jd 8 habit deh im...tambahin satu dong...biar lengkap..thx ya...

teguh said...

sebelumnya.. salam kenal mas..
sip mas artikelnya..
oiya boleh minta yaa.. buat koleksi hehehe..


risnaini said...

Bak kata rekan2 di XL..
Jadi Network Engineer :

"Kalo Jendral says Go !, Kacung Kampret (NE) langsung action"

a. rahman isnaini r.sutan