Friday, March 30, 2007

Wanted, IPv6 Killer Application

We've deployed IPv6 on our networks. Most of the access can use IPv6 as a network layer. But still, we lack of killer application in IPv6 that make people say "Wow, I need IPv6 installed in my network/computers". Some input to make people will curious to use IPv6 :
  • For ISP, give customers additional bandwidth if they are using IPv6
  • Put few website that only available on IPv6
  • For the merchant, give additional discount if the users are using IPv6

Your input please ?


IndraPr said...

I don't there's such thing as "IPv6 killer application", as yet. :)

All applications which can run on IPv6, will surely will run on IPv4 networks as well.

Ibrahim / Ibam said...

Yes, it's true. But there is limitation in IPv4 address space that force people to use NAT. The using of NAT will give some problem to few application like SIP, IPSec, etc. One of Asterisk developer say that more than 60% problem they have received are related to NAT. IPv6 sure will solve this problem.

TJ said...

I disagree that "All applications which can run on IPv6, will surely will run on IPv4 networks as well." ... or, atleast I would say "All CURRENT applications ...".

IPv6 offers advantages that we have not had in IPv4 - more addresses = the potential for end to end connectivity / true peer-2-peer collaboration. Time will tell if we get the applications to take advantage of this ...


Abbie said...

This is great info to know.

Anonymous said...

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geekyguy said...

Check out the application "LANoi" in This is built over ipv6 & makes existing gaming, network application to work over ipv6. So now with this people can play all their multiplayer games over internet. Also remotely access their PC anywhere without requiring port forwarding or installing third party applications.