Saturday, April 28, 2007

3G-Net / CSM WiMax

This ISP, I guess, the first ISP that implementing WiMax technology in Indonesia (didn't count Aceh). All information below is gathered from Internet. 3G-Net/CSM WiMax is using technology 820.16-2004 and frequency 2.5/3.5 GHz as according to Postel Indonesia, CSM has both frequency allocation. And the WiMax equipment is provided by Aperto.
But I surprised, why the speed is limited to max 384 Kbps Downstream and max 64 Kbps Upstream ?


Hardjono said...

Salam Kenal. yes, I thin the Aperto boxes can do faster than that. Maybe they are calculating for thousands of receivers per KM persegi.

Anonymous said...

I'am 3GNet engineer. Actually 384/64kbps is only marketing package. Technically, the maximum d/l speed of this pre wimax system is up to 2Mbps.


Anonymous said...

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