Saturday, April 28, 2007

Free wireless for community

There are few free wireless community out there. One of the famous one is the service provided by Fon. It's quite interesting service. You need to buy the wireless access point hardware from Fon at cost $39.9. The wireless access point is installed on your internet broadband, and there is configuration how many bandwidth you would used by your own, and how many kbps will be shared. And Fon will give you username & password, so you can access wireless where the Fon community exist. Have checked the location, but there is no Fon community in Indonesia. But there are many community in Europe, North Asia.
Probably because internet bandwidth is still expensive in Indonesia and the impact is the internet broadband for unlimited service still not attractive.


Mohammad said...

I still have 3 vouchers for FON routers at 20€ price. Who's interested?

Anonymous said...

now i`ll read your rss